What are the power options for the Tool Box LED light kit?

LEDGlow offers various ways to connect and power your Lighting Kit to a 12V power source.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter – LEDGlow’s Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter easily plugs into your car or truck’s cigarette lighter. By simply stripping and crimping the red and black wires directly to the bullet connectors on the adapter, you can quickly and easily power your kit!

Click here to watch LEDGlow Cigarette Lighter Adapter Install Video!

Expandable Circuits – LEDGlow’s Expandable Circuits help to simplify the process of adding 12-volt accessories to your vehicle’s current fuse holder by turning one fuse slot into two. Please refer to the chart below to select the correct size for your vehicle.

Click here for Expandable Circuit Installation Instructions!


Selecting ‘No Thanks’ –There are many other ways to get 12V power to your kit.  For example, going directly to the battery or splicing into the existing wiring on the vehicle will not require an LEDGlow Power Option. 

Installation is recommended to be installed by a licensed professional.

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