My wireless remote does not work with my Smartphone Underbody Control box

The first thing we would suggest checking is ensuring the batteries for the remote are good. Try pressing and holding down any button on the wireless remote for 10 seconds. When you are holding any button down you should see a small light indicator at the top left corner. If this light is bright and solid the battery is good. If the light indicator is dim or flickering the batteries could be low.

If the batteries in the remote appear to be in good condition your wireless remote might need to be paired to your smartphone control box. To pair the remote, put the control box in pairing mode by removing power and then re-connecting power. When the Amber indicator is on, press and hold the mode button on the wireless remote for 10-seconds. Then press and the power button for a few seconds on the wireless remote. The mode button is the two arrows chasing each other on the top of the remote. 

*When using the remote to change patterns, color, or speed, please ensure you are pressing and holding the button down for about half a second.

*The wireless remote is only meant to be a backup for the kit. If the control box is in sleep mode the remote will not work. To get the kit out of sleep mode please cycle power going to the control box or pair the kit using the app.

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