Wireless Remote Reprogramming for Golf Cart Lighting Kits

Wireless Remote Reprogramming for Motorcycle Lighting Kits

Step-by-Step instructions Guide

This instructional guide will provide basic step by step instructions on how to pair your existing or replacement wireless remote to your LEDGlow control box for your golf cart lighting kit. Below you will find the LEDGlow Lighting Golf Cart Kits that are compatible with your wireless remote. If you require more detailed instructions please refer to our reprogramming video in the link below.

(Click the link below to view our online instructions)

Wireless Remote Reprogramming for Golf Cart Kits

Replacement Expandable Million Color Golf Cart Wireless Remote

Product SKU: LU-R-GC-M-WR.1

Compatible with the Following Kits:

  • Expandable Million Color Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit - LU-GC-M40.1
  • Million Color Expandable LED 6 Seater Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit

Replacement Remote for Wireless Golf Cart Kits

Product SKU: LU-R-WR-B.3

NOTE: The Version 1 Wireless Remote is discontinued and unavailable for purchase, but the Version 2 Wireless Remote is compatible with all control box types. If you have any questions please contact a LEDGlow Technical Support Specialist.

Compatible with the Following Kits:

  • Million Color Flexible LED Wheel Well Kit - LU-WW-M.2
  • Million Color Flexible LED Golf Kit - Previous Model - LU-GC-M.2

Step-by-Step instruction Video

If you’re looking for a visual installation aid, check out this video of one of our LEDGlow Product

Specialists as he walks you through the process from start to finish

LEDGlow | How To Reprogram Your Golf Cart Light Kit's Wireless Remote


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