What is the difference between the Classic Single Color Motorcycle Kit, and the Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Kit?

The Classic Single Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit is a great option and will provide excellent accent lighting.  This kit features Standard 5mm LEDs.  Please note that the newest, ‘Advanced’ style LED strips to feature SMD LEDs which are a flat square style LED, and are a brighter type of LED with the best Color Depth.  Please refer to the following chart to compare differences between the two kits:





Standard 5mm LEDs

6pc thru 18pc Kits

6pc thru 20pc kits

Strips are ⅛” in Depth

Strips are ½” in Depth

4’ of Wire per Strip

5’ of Wire per Strip

2 Wireless Remotes

1 Wireless Remote

Solid Color Mode with 4 Brightness Levels

Solid Color Mode with 4 Brightness Levels

3 Flashing Patterns, 1 Fading Pattern, Best Color Depth

3 Flashing Pattern, 1 Fading Pattern

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