What are the various power options and how do each of them work?

We currently recommend one of three options when powering your kit:

  • Expandable Circuits-The expandable circuit will allow you to use your fuse box as a power source without having to cut or splice existing wires. Simply search Expanable Ciruit in the search bar to view the many options.  To assist you in figuring out which size expandable circuit you will need for your vehicle, please reference our video guide here or use the chart below! 


  • Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter- The Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter will allow you to use your cigarette lighter port as a power source. You simply strip and crimp the red and black wire directly to the bullet connectors on the adapter. The part number to the cigarette lighter adapter is LU-CA, Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter. Also, here is a direct link to the video guide where you can see how it works.
  • Direct Connection-  You can simply choose to connect the wires directly to the car battery. This option does not require any additional accessories.
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